Do more with less effort

Whether you do pentesting, vulnerabillity scanning or a custom mix of the two, don't waste your time on repetitive work

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Pentest report automation made simple

Create an engagement

Add customer and engagement information once and reuse throughout the report.

Import scanner and tool output

Nessus, Burp, PingCastle, Acunetix, Netsparker, Qualys and more. Import multiple files in parallel, in seconds.

Save time enumerating

Query and export lists of targets by service etc.

Update the report findings

Add, edit, merge and delete vulnerabilities and affected hosts/services

Build your library as you go

Do it alone or as a team, with zero additional effort

Instantly generate a report

Can be deployed on-premises

You can run HaxHQ locally, with full control over the host and full visibility into the source code for maximum security. Helps reduce hassle around compliance requirements too.

Import the output from all of your pentest tools

HaxHQ supports Nessus, Burp, PingCastle, Acunetix, Qualys, Netsparker, ZAP and SCNR out of the box. Further tools will be added for free, just ask

Library of findings

When you add or modify a finding, store your work so you never have to do it again. Changes to the vendor texts are tracked.

PingCastle support

Fully automated reporting on Active Directory vulnerability scan findings

... and many more

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HaxHQ started in 2019 as a personal automation tool running on a laptop, when this pentester could no longer tolerate doing the same thing over and over again for every engagement. Within a year the whole team was using it. After another two years some people liked it so much they suggested it should become a service (thank you!) - so here we are.

We are a small company that aims to deliver a great and flexible service at a very competitive price.

If you are looking to make your business more efficient we'd love to help - building automation is our thing.

Feedback and feature requests are always appreciated as they are the best way to further improve HaxHQ.

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Questions and comments welcome, we aim to respond to all queries by the end of the next working day.


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